You Need To Know About BITALLY

“Bit” represents you and me, forming an “Ally” in the ocean of digital assets, building better applications and ecosystem together.

Unlike traditional coin mining process which consumed a lot of electricty, our revolutionary "Trading is Mining" mechanism rewards new BITT Token to the user who made BITT transactions through BitAlly platform.

BitAlly business scope includes cryptocurrency and related derivatives trading services such as fiat trading, crypto-to-crypto trading, crypto-financing and leverage trading. BitAlly will also provide users with advanced digital asset management function, tools for risk management and platformwide customer support, to meet each investor’s investment needs.

Apart from digital asset trading services, BitAlly hopes to establish a comprehensive token marketing service targeting potential blockchain startups. Services include business consulting, marketing, and consulting services regarding the token sales on exchanges. The tokens will be able to be traded directly on BitAlly. This is hoped to lead to greater transparency and liquidity of the international token market.

In addition, BitAlly has also plan to create an innovative “Digital Asset Pawning” system, as well as to connect with online/offline merchants.

  • Revolutionary Trading is Mining; Dividend on Holding mechanism

  • Sharing platform profit with token holders

  • Transparent distribution

BITT Token is a proof of equity in the BitAlly Digital Assets Exchange platform with BitAlly’s innovative "Trading is Mining, Dividend on Holding" mechanism. The total amount of BITT Token issuance is fixed at 10 Billion and will not be issued more than that. BitAlly will allocate revenue to the BITT Token holder in a timely manner.

Token Technology: Ethereum
Token Standard: ERC-20 Compatible
Max. Supply (Hard Cap): 10,000,000,000 (10 Billions)
Available for Purchase: 4,900,000,000 (4.9 Billions)
Pre-Sale Stage 1 (By invitation only)
Pre-Sale Stage 2 (By invitation only)
Vault Sales 2018 Q4 : 1 BITT ~ $0.006
Limited Time Offering 2018 Q4 : 1 BITT ~ $0.01
Emission Rate: No period

Initial Token Distribution

The founding team has made clear plans for the allocation and use of BITT Token based on the development budget of the project under development and the relevant market survey results.

BitAlly Unique Features

Showcasing BitAlly unique features!

Trading is Mining

Unlike traditional coin mining process which consumed a lot of electricty, our revolutionary "Trading is Mining" mechanism rewards new BITT Token to the user who made BITT transactions through BitAlly platform.

Dividend on Holding

Transaction fees (A.K.A platform revenue) will distribute as dividend to the BITT Token holders. Transaction fees in the form of BTC will be distributed in the form of BTC, ETH will be in the form of ETH and so on.

Safe, Fast & Secure

BitAlly adopts Hot/Cold wallet infrastructure. Rest assured that your funds are safe with us!

Recuring Buys

With BitAlly innovative buy back mechanism, 10% of daily revenue will be used to buy back BITT Token in the market and put it into the BitAlly Gold vault! Now we are talking about a multi-asset backed crypto! Many more plans downn the road!

10M Pool Special Reward

Simply deposit a 10,000 BITT Tokens into the pool to receive a dividend of 5% of the total transaction revenue of the day. **

Mastercard / Unionpay Integration

BitAlly plans to integrate Mastercard / Unionpay card to our platform, to allow users to withdraw crypto to fiat through any ATM in the world.

Comprehensive Token Launch Service

BitAlly plans on utilizing its considerable market experience and savvy to meet such requirements by providing services regarding business model advisory services, market expansion, token sales on exchanges and other advisory services. Such approach will help facilitate the launch of tokens in the various countries in which BitAlly operates, which is anticipated to address visibility and liquidity issues commonly seen in token markets.

With respect to tokens launch projects, BitAlly anticipates conducting due diligence thereon and review of smart contracts thereof. However, most crucial will be BitAlly’s strict review process and specification standards, which will assist in providing investors with optimized digital investments, and thus increase purchaser confidence in digital currencies.

BitAlly strives to provide excellent services with a view towards developing a world class token launch review mechanism.

Branding & Marketing

Get the best advise from our branding and marketing expert from business perspective.

Business Model

Review business model to suit real world scenario.

System Development

Have great idea but no technical knowledge? We've got you covered!

Token Launch & Listing

We'll help you launch and list your coin on BitAlly Digital Assets Exchange!

Infrastructure Maintenance

We will do all the backbone work so that you can focus on what's important to your business!

Experts Support

Rest assured that our experts are available 24x7 to assist you.

BitAlly Roadmap

Below is our brief road map. You may read more in our WHITE PAPER

2017 Q2
BitAlly Platform Planning
Founding Team established.

With countless meetings and brain storming sessions, we have finally established!

2017 Q4
Business / System / Infrastructure Planning
You can't build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you're going to have a strong superstructure.

Careful planning of BitAlly business model and system infrastructures!

2018 Q1
BitAlly Digital Assets Exchange Development
The development of innovative BitAlly digital assets exchange starts!

Actual development work begin!

2018 Q2
BITT Token Development
Smart contract token in progress
2018 Q3
Strategic Partners Wanted!
"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." -- Michael Jordan

We believe in teamwork, and hence we are recruiting Strategic Partners to join our innovative BitAlly digital assets exchange!

2018 Q4
BitAlly Digital Assets Live!
Game changing digital assets exchange comes to life!

The excitement of dreams coming true is beyond the description of words!

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